Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We created a brand of apparel and products that represent the energy and power that breastfeeding mothers have. Our brands goal is to empower mothers everywhere to not feel the need to hide while breastfeeding their babies and to be proud of the magic that we have!

Our Story

Thank you for checking out my site! My name is A.Z. and I live in Minneapolis with my 14 year old daughter, my fiancé David and our 1 year old son Lenox who actually inspired the entire Big Milk Energy brand. During the early days of breastfeeding our son, David made a joke about how Lenox only wants me, his mom because I had that “Big Milk Energy” as soon as those words came out of David’s mouth it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. That is exactly what I had! Forget about men and their so called “Big D!ck Energy” take a look at any breastfeeding mom- that’s true powerful energy right there!

When I had my daughter, I was a younger first-time mom, and never would have dreamt of breastfeeding her in public, let alone wear a shirt advertising that I breastfeed!  Over the years, with age and experience and the second time around breastfeeding I became more confident and truly was able to stop and enjoy breastfeeding with my baby boy. I hope that women who make the choice to breastfeed feel empowered to do so whenever and wherever. My brand represents that woman.

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