Apparel for breastfeeding moms

How it all started 

Hi, my name is A.Z. (yes that’s my real name) and I am so happy you found my site! I’m a mom to two, Aziah and Lenox who are thirteen years apart! Lenox, my youngest, inspired the creation of Big Milk Energy.

During the early days of breastfeeding Lenox, my husband David made a playful remark about my “Big Milk Energy.” It was a lighthearted moment that struck a chord with me and sparked the idea for our brand. Forget about men and their supposed “Big D!ck Energy” – the true power lies with breastfeeding moms! 

As a first-time mom to my daughter, I never felt confident enough to breastfeed in public, let alone wear clothing that advertised my nursing journey. However, with age, experience, and my second time breastfeeding, I became more self-assured and able to truly cherish the moments of bonding with my baby boy.

My hope is that our brand empowers women who choose to breastfeed to feel proud and confident, no matter where they are or who they’re with. Our brand represents the fierce and unapologetic spirit of nursing mothers everywhere, and we’re honored to stand with you on your journey.

Uplifting and uniting moms and aunties to embrace their strength and celebrate their families.

Our clothing line is made for real women with real lives, so you can trust that our pieces will fit and flatter your body, no matter your shape or size!

comfortable apparel from moms and aunts