The world needs your big milk and fly auntie energy!

There’s magic when strong women bond together.  Whether you are a breastfeeding mom or a fly auntie, our apparel embodies the energy of being a proud, powerful woman who loves their family!

Join the movement and celebrate how incredible women are with our bold, spirited, and comfortable clothing.

Why Big Milk and Fly Auntie Energy?


anything is possible when women empower women


it takes a village to raise little ones


celebrate the unique roles of mothers and aunts in their families

About Big Milk Energy

Forget about men and their so called “Big D!ck Energy” take a look at any breastfeeding mom- that’s true powerful energy right there! Big Milk Energy was created by a mom for breastfeeding moms to shatter the stigma and societal barriers that prevent women from breastfeeding in public! Together, we can create a an inclusive, supportive communities for all bad-ass mothers and their babies.

About Fly Auntie Energy

Aunties are more than just family members – they’re mentors, confidants, and a source of unwavering support. They give a unique perspective to the lives of children, and the positive impact they can have on their growth and development. So, let’s give a shout-out to all the amazing aunties out there who are spreading their Fly Auntie Energy and making a difference in the world of parenting!